The Great Peace towards which people of good will throughout the centuries have inclined their hearts, of which seers and poets for countless generations have expressed their vision, and for which from age to age the sacred scriptures of mankind have constantly held the promise, is now at long last within the reach of the nations.

The Promise of World Peace

The 2022 Promise of World Peace Scholarship

This year with the Promise of World Peace event we will be hosting a scholarship. The scholarship will be chosen from among applicants who submit an essay summarizing the historic Promise of World Peace Letter to the people of the world.

To qualify submissions must be 2-3 pages long, must give a reader an overview of the letter including its purpose and contents, and make some observations about its relevance to the current time.

Submissions must be sent to Verbus Counts at [email protected] by 11/12/2022. The scholarship of $150 will be awarded to one applicant, and announced at the Promise of World Peace event held in the Night University Center in the Heritage room on Tuesday, November 22nd 2022. All qualifying submissions will recieve a $15 gift card!

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